Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall is one of our most popular and versatile rooms with the privacy of being located on the second floor and home of the Tulsa Project Theatre. The space can deliver a variety of settings from an intimate wedding reception, banquet, or general session to lively dances, performances, and other events.

Event Versatility

The 7,700 square-foot space can seat 1,000 people in theatre seating and 450 people at round tables of ten. There is also an additional 2,400 square feet of meeting room space that can be added if you need more room totaling 10,100 square feet. With this room extension the room hosts up to 1,300 people in theatre seating and 550 people in banquet seating.

Amenities in the Assembly Hall:

  • Built in 40’ X 35’ permanent stage
  • Professional theatrical lighting system with programmable moving fixtures and lighting levels
  • House lighting consists of 20 Art Deco type fixtures
  • Professional sound system with theater surround sound and wireless mic system
  • 2 back stage dressing rooms
  • 21’ high ceilings
  • Private pre-function space with decorative rug, artwork, and sitting areas
  • Assigned event coordinator to every event